About The Stone

What is the Stone? This is a question asked by many, and answered by few. A full explanation is not possible at this point in Time, but the following information can be given to you.

The Stone is a game. A game that you can access multiple ways either through the new Virtual Stone Membership, or through the traditional pendant.

The Stone is your link to another person somewhere on this planet. Through Fate, Chaos, or Destiny this person was meant to be your Stonemate. There is a sequence of symbols on each Stone that only matches one other. The person who has that stone was meant to be your partner, your Other in the on-line puzzle called the Enigma.

The Enigma is inside, in an online Community that requires a Stone to access.

As the calendar shapes life in this next year, the Stone will bring forth a new angle on Time.

Your Stonemate, the Enigma and Time await you.

For a peek inside the Enigma, see the short tour. If you have a Stone and want to get started, register your Stone online now. If you're looking for a Stone in a store near you, check out our list of dealers. Or if you have questions, use our convenient online form.

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